Together with several representatives of German companies, Steffen Lackmann accompanied the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, Robert Habeck, on behalf of HyIron to the capital Windhoek at the beginning of December 2022 to pave the way for closer cooperation in the field of green hydrogen. Namibia’s deserts offer ideal conditions for wind and solar energy.

The Oshivela project is a collaboration between Namibian and German companies aimed at driving the transformation to CO2 neural steel production. Iron ore is to be reduced emission-free in an airtight rotary kiln using green hydrogen. “With this, we are bringing an innovative technology to the market that is unique in the world to date” says Steffen Lackmann. The technology was developed by CO2GRAB / HyIron GmbH & TS Elino GmbH in Germany. “The project will also strengthen Namibia’s economy. The country will benefit through local iron processing, the expansion of renewable energies, new jobs and skilled labor training” adds Johannes Michels, Managing Director of HyIron and the local partner of the project. The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology is funding the project with more than 13 million euros over the next two years.

Cape Town and Johannesburg were further stops on the ministerial tour. Central topics were energy supply and climate protection, among others, at the German-African Business Forum.

The Oshivela project is now entering its first phase. The first engineers from Namibia will arrive in Paderborn as early as mid-January and start their training program.